Old Caz - Jan. 31

Quintessential Hopper 50+ miles
Lota' dirt (cross) 4,500K Elev.

Welcome to the Grasshopper Adventure Series!

Grasshopper Adventure Series 2015


Believe it or not we’re only 3 months out from another epic season of Hoppers! Put ‘em all on your calendar. Registration will open Nov. 1st. ***This page is being worked on LIVE next couple of days. All the essential event info, 2015 Sponsors and map/route for Old Caz will be up on it’s own  page soon. Thanks for your patience. 

Old Cazadero (Cross) Jan 31st

Chileno Valley (Road) Feb 21st

Super Sweetwater (Road/Cross) March 21st

Skaggs! (Road) April 18th

King Ridge Dirt Supreme (Road/Cross) May 9th

Be sure to catch all of the latest Hopper happenings on… Miguel’s Blog

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