Welcome to the Grasshopper Adventure Series!

Grasshopper Adenture Series

King Ridge…Queen Stage Hopper #5

If you are here you are curious. If you’ve been coming for years you are wondering, “what the hell are we in for?” but of course you’re in for the adventure and just wondering if you really can do it on a road bike. If so what tires? How long? How much dirt? yada, yada.  Those new to Hopper Adventures hang on as I ramble on with the details of the June 7th Grasshopper Adventure and make sure to read Rules of Engagement and Hopper History to get a pre-view of what these rides are all about. Picture(s) worth a thousand words…maybe more. Here’s a peak of the scenery and then I’ll go over some of the details for our next Grasshopper Adventure.


Russian River carves like a flow trail. Looking North of Jenner early on in the day.

After heading up Coleman Valley from town we’ll descend Willow Creek Rd. (dirt) to Hwy 1. This is the same start as Grasshopper #1 Old Cazadero.

A chase group. "What have I gotten myself into" Says Velo-Fratello's MJ Frito

Bottom of Willow Creek after a 5 mile ripping dirt descent to start the day. Time to make friends and get down to business. Going to be a long day in the saddle.

Heading North on Hwy 1 we’ll pass Jenner and climb out of Russian Gulch. We will not climb Meyers Grade this year but will continue North on Hwy 1 to Fort Ross. Fort Ross climb is not too long but steep with no rest. Will be nice to hit it early unlike the Terrible Two that climbs it at the 150 mile mark.



Oh my…like butter heading to Fort Ross.


Plenty of pretty poppies

Hwy 1 N.



At least we’re traveling North and not on the outside!


Edge of the Universe for a while. Be careful


Won’t have the sunset this early on but Fort Ross Rd from Hwy is special. Old wagon rd that they slapped pavement on. Relentless and relentlessly beautiful.

Atop Fort Ross Rd we head North on Seaview until we get to the turn at Salt Point State Park. If you get to Kruse Rd you have missed it. Here’s a little video to help you make your turn.

JB Salt Point Dirt

giant grasshopper battle

You’ll all feel like Hopper slayers this early in the day but be careful. Lot’s of riding still ahead.

kruse ranch

Climb number #2 for the day. Kruse Ranch Rd. Delightful Dirt!

kruse ranch rd 2

Where else would you rather be? Deep West.

At the top of Kruse we will have our Osmo feed and support by Bici Sport. I’m sure you’ll need it. We’ll have some snacks, some GU, Guayaki and any secret supplies you leave at the start we’ll have waiting for you.

King Ridge

King Ridge

From the top of Kruse we descend to Hauser Bridge and then climb UP to King Ridge Rd. This is a stiffy and will likely make many a grown man or woman cry for mercy. We’ll take King Ridge to Cazadero, Caz. Hwy to 116. 116 to Hwy 1 and then UP Willow Creek. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Get your adventure on ‘cuz it’s going to be a rocking good day and a great way to kick off the the summer. We’ll party at the end with cold beer and great raffle prizes. We’ll also award the Iron Spike for the hard-man and woman of the year. Not to mention the Grand Prize Raffle of an Ibis Haakalugi Cross Frame and Envy Fork!

Full route details HERE. Includes dirt sections.

In a nutshell:

85 miles 8500 ft climbing

4 dirt sections: Willow Creek 7 miles -descent and flat. Salt Point 4 miles-descent. Kruse Ranch: 4 miles -climb. Willow Creek flat/climb 7 miles.

Other roads fair to horrible. Recommended bike: Road w/ 25-28 cc. or cross bike with smallish tires in new to excellent condition.  Climbing gears. Be prepared: 2-3 tubes, patches, tire boot, (extra tire?) credit card, space blanket (j/k), water, food and good sense of adventure with a huge appetite for fun!

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