…and a few last minute thoughts…

Looks like good weather so we’re all golden. Going to be a large crowd so I need to go over a few details that everyone needs to abide by. First off, this is a training ride and not a race. I can’t over-emphasize the fact that there will be no course markings or marshals. Everyone is responsible for themselves and their actions on their bike. Everyone read the Rules of Engagement so my pre-ride talk can be short.

Everyone needs to sign a waiver and register. If you rode Old Caz you don’t need to sign a waiver but will need to sign in and pay. Registration is a suggested $20 but you can of course give more. This ride is also a fundraiser for Ross Dillon who was hit from behind by a car on the roads we will be riding on. Please read his current update and give generously to help with his care.

Grasshopper 2012 T-shirts will be for sale $10.

The most dangerous part of our ride is the start. To help prevent accidents and to avoid congesting Bohemian Hwy we will start on Old Camp Meeker Rd. just north of town on the right. There will be a ribbonned start zone and people will be staged as follows:1.) Pro/Cat 1   2.)Everyone else. Your placing will be decided by the course and your fitness. Do not endanger the group by crossing the yellow line. If I or any of my secret spies, craftily spread within the peloton, recognize dangerous riding you will be excommunicated from the Church of Grasshopper!!!Forrreeevvver! Everyone must start here, no leaving early or hanging out by the sidewalk on the other side. I know it’s a Hopper but come-on, gettin’ so big we need some freakin order!

Wade Scarpelli from NorCal will be at the start if you need any last minute mechanical help and will be providing the neutral feed on Wilson Hill. Remember in the feed zone, it’s a ride not a race, so mind your manners.

Thanks to all the other SPONSORS who have give generously for all you riders. Check out the product from our new sponsors The Hive and Cycles Fanatic. Don’t overlook the $10 certificates towards your lunch at ForkCatering or the $25 gift certificates from NorCal. Remember, it’s not a price for your placing but just luck, depending on your placing. NorCal will also be raffling off a Garmin for those of you who do the whole series.

Oh, and one last thing. No WHINING. If you’re wining you’re not winning. Yeah, Levi is gonna be there. Yeah, he’s gonna rip your legs off cuz that’s what he’s supposed to do. So say hi to him and all your friends. Bring lots of food and buckle up for Chileno Valley Hopper. It’s gonna be epic.


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