Chileno Valley Wrap-Up

Getting bigger but not too big

For the first time in 15 years I’m not able to give my report from inside the pel0ton. Have you ever thrown a big party at your house and at the end of the night realize that you spent all the time dealing with logistics; food, drinks, friends and kids’ needs and kinda missed the party? It feels a bit like this, but not so much. Hardest part was not being part of the blissful destroyed satisfaction of finishing up Joy. I’ll have to go do that soon. The morning went smoothly thanks to an early set up and help from Cathy, Tera and Fritz. It was a huge help having online reg and results. Was a bit strange handing out numbers but..oh well. As we navigate the waters of becoming “event promoters” we’ll make sure to keep the rides creative, challenging, unique and at the same time keep the logistics simple and affordable. We hired the AMR unit and although they were only needed to help someone with a broken wheel, I was at ease knowing they were out there.

Was awesome at the start seeing friends who have been at the Hoppers since they began; George, Emil, Roger, Jason,Kent, Brian A.(Glenn was too scared ) I miss anyone? . Also a pleasure to have Fast Freddie join us along with a large group of U23 riders from the BearDevTeam. The talent continues to get deeper and deeper and I love to see cyclists wheel to wheel from 16-75 years old all doing what we love.This is what makes these rides special; and the fact that it’s in our back yard!

And speaking of love…thanks to all who donated to Ross Dillon. Riders donated $500 and Hopper Adventures will be pitching in another $500. Charles Dillon says ,”Your faithfulness to Ross and us is what keeps us going.THANK YOU!”

After sending folks off Tera and I packed, grabbed some lunch and headed up to Charles’ place to get ready. I think the time sitting in the sun, having lunch was about the longest I’ve sat still in months. We then took a cool hike in Charles’ redwood forest backyard before riders came rolling in.. Good thing we were early as Johnathan Teeter came in 10 minutes faster than Levi’s time last year! I know there was no headwind but… seriously? Johnathan was a cross country runner when I first started teaching and coaching at El Molino H.S. Took him a while to finally see the light. I tell my students it’s only matter of time, so why resist the inevitable? BTW, our mtb is ripping and is stoked for our first race this weekend at Granite Bay in Folsom.

Don’t think I can tell the story for this ride as each has his or her own. (and there was a record show for women at nearly 30 w/ Catherine C. Mattis KILLING it in 35th place overall to take the overall lead for the women)

As always we couldn’t have done it without the awesome feed by Osmo and NorCal. big Thanks to GU for the Chomps at the start and GU at the feed. Thanks to Lisa and Frank. Thanks to Rob for helping at the finish with Osmo Recovery. Sure you all felt good enough the next day to rip it up!

Our prize box was deep again this Hopper. A huge thanks to Osmo, NorCal/Bike Peddler, Ibis, Volagi, Arnot/Roberts, Volagi, Fork Catering, The Hive, GU,CamelBak, Bar Fly, CyclesFanatic, Kitsbow, CafeCostaRica, Bike Monkey, Whole Athlete, Inglis, Soulcraft,ForkCatering, Kona and Coaches Corner. And a big thanks to Chaz for letting us chill in his front yard!

Don’t forget the grand prizes of an Ibis Hakkalugi Frame and Enve Fork and a Volagi frame. Raffle will be for riders who complete the whole series and will take place at the start of Lake Sonoma.

For more stories here’s some blogs by: (Don’t hesitate to send photos and stories)

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