Geyser-Pine Flat Route

When I mentioned the new Hopper to Levi last Fall he was sure it would be the hardest. Since he won’t be in town that leaves the NorCal Climber Title up for grabs. Here’s the route in case you’re crazy enough to pre-ride the course. I believe it’s about 70 miles and 8,000 ft of climbing. We will be starting in downtown Healdsburg but the exact location hasn’t been nailed down.
Geysers/Pine Flat: April 30th

Start/Finish: Healdsburg

Route:Matheson St, Lft Vine St, Rt. Westside Rd/Mill St, Rt. West Dry Creek, Rt. Yoakim Bridge Rd, Lft Dry Creek Rd, Rt Dutcher Creek Rd, Rt. Theresa Drive, Lft. Asti Rd. Rt. East 1st St./Crocker Rd.,Lft River Rd., Rt. Geysers Rd., Lft. Red Winery Rd. ,Lft. Pine Flat, Finish top of Pine Flat.

There will be a cold beverage waiting for you at the top and a rippin desecent.

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