Sweetwater Supreme Hopper

This is a classic Hopper. In fact, the very first Grasshopper 16 years ago went over Sweetwater Springs Rd. It’s a tiny ribbon road that goes from West Side Rd to Armstrong Woods Rd. The climb on the “back” east side nears 20% and though relatively short, will split up the group for good.

What bike should you ride? The ideal bike is a road bike that can accommodate 25 or 28c tires. The “only” dirt is Old Caz. This is a 3 mile dirt descent with a creek crossing, a dirt climb and another dirt descent. This is NOT the Hopper for tubulars or fancy wheels. Back before all the fancy cross bikes and road bikes with disc breaks we’d be on our Ibis Spankys, Eddy Mercks, Soulcrafts or in my case a Miyata  and just be careful on the descent. I’d say this ride pushes the limits of all bikes and riders and is what makes Super Sweetwater special. You can of course ride a cross bike but will not want to be on knobbies all day. However…it is a Hopper and and Adventure so come one, come all. Been done on a fixed gear and a tandem but never seen a unicycle yet. I’ll be rolling my Specialized Crux with Armadillo 25. I highly recommend mtb pedals on your road or cross bike. The creek crossing will be low but it’s rocky and a pain in road shoes.

Strava Route: All riders will roll on their own or small groups from Occidental and head to River Front Park. We’ll have our pre-ride pow wow and roll at 10:45.

There will be a neutral hydration provided by Osmo and GU. Any other special needs….? You can leave a musette bag with BreakAway Bikes at the start.

We are not expecting to sell out so there will be race day reg. Pre-reg is $25 and race day $30.


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