Rules of Engagement 2014


All riders are required to sign a WAIVER. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you already signed a waiver you’re good for the series but please sign in at each event.

Cost: Pre-reg $25 Day of $30

You can do the same loop for nothing any other day. Poachers will be excluded from results and will be ex-communicated from West County Church of Bike.You will receive the collectors edition laminated map so you don’t get lost, and as much fun or pain as you hope to self inflict. All finishers will be entered in the raffle. You will be told if you are a winner when you cross the line.

New this year: All riders will get a custom Grassshopper sticker. (Think Snoopy and the Red Baron.) All riders  will be entered in the grand prize raffle: Ibis Hakkalugi Disc Cross frame with ENVE Fork! This means if you do all 5 rides your name will be entered 5 times! We will again have lots of great products from our sponsors at the finish. Prizes are awarded randomly and not based on your placing.

Please use portables (i.e. blue rooms) or the bathrooms in the Community Center. There will also be portos at the parking lot behind the Union Hotel.

Feed Zone: There will be Osmo Nutrition at the neutral feed. If you have your own special mix and secret smart pills, leave them at the start with Osmo or Echelon who will take them out to a feed stop on route for you. (Make sure they’re well-marked with your name.)

Be safe. Make sure your bike is in excellent working order before coming out and have fresh rubber. For Old Caz a cross bike is the best choice but mtb with skinnys or road w/ fat tires if you dare. A poorly cared for bike is a hazard for everyone. Hopper #2 Chileno Valley has no gravel and is a pure road ride.


Do not cross the yellow line. Do not cross the yellow line. Do not cross the yellow line. Did you catch that? Do not cross the yellow line. At times early on the pace may slow and the group will swell, but that doesn’t give you license to cross that line. Stay in one lane.


Obey all traffic laws. The course is open. There will be no CHP escort, no road closures, no course markings. Always expect cars around tight corners–they will be there. These roads are not unused by locals and most folks drive Ford F250s and carry horse trailers.

Make sure you are riding in the group that fits your fitness. There will be a lot of pros in the group. Look around–is this the group of buddies who you usually hang with?

For all rides ending on Willow Creek…DON’T PARK AT THE TOP OF WILLOW CREEK. Parking here has become a big deal to the neighbors and community of Occidental and West County. Hang out after the ride as long as you wish but don’t send family and friends to meet you at the finish. When starting at other locations park in designated parking.

SAG: There is none. This is an adventure series and we have done our best to keep it safe and have an emergency vehicle for injuries but if you flat, bonk or get lost…you need to make your way home. You will have an awesome laminate map so can find several ways to make the ride shorter (or longer) if you find it necessary. Always carry tubes and a pump and not just CO2 cartridges as well as a chain tool, allen wrenches and some $ in case you need to hit a local bakery (or bar) on the way home. Oh yeah, and don’t forget food and water. Their will be Guayaki, GU and Osmo at the feed but don’t forget the roast beef sandwich or left over pancake to fuel your engine.

No Personal Sag or Follow Vehicles: If you don’t think you’re ready to do this ride with just one stop in the middle, then this might not be the right event for you…yet. We need to keep extra vehicles off the road. This keeps it safest for everyone. If you want to drive to the feed zone and help out there and then head back without following the route, this is a possibility but please contact me ahead of time. Thanks!


AT THE FINISH: If you bail out somewhere en route please have a friend inform us at the finish. If you are a raffle winner we’ll let you know. Have some OSMO recovery, or some refreshing Guayaki. Then it’s time for stories and a trip back to town for lunch at Fork Catering, The Union Hotel, or another fine dining establishment in Occidental.

Pura Vida!

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  2. admin says:

    Got em!Thanks Brian. They’ll go to good use. See you at the Hoppers

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