Old Caz

Jan. 28, 2017 (Registration opens Nov. 1)

Quintessential Hopper (Cross)

  • 50 miles
  • 4,500 ft

Chileno Valley Classic

Feb. 11th, 2017

As good as it gets in Sonoma-Marin (Road)

  • 80 miles
  • 8,000 ft

Super Sweetwater

March 4th, 2017

Old Caz sandwich. Road-Dirt-Road. ¬°Fuerza! (Road/Cross)

  • 70 miles
  • 9,000 ft

Lake Sonoma MTB

March 18th, 2017

Lake Sonoma Mountain Bike

  • 27 miles
  • 5,500 ft.

Skaggs! and Super Skaggs Gravel

April 8th, 2017

North of King Ridge? Epic Roads (Road) *Gravel Road and single track option (cross/adventure)

  • Option 1: 97.5 miles, 9.5 K climbing. All pavement
  • Option 2: 96 miles, 10.5 K climbing. 2 sections of dirt: Old Caz and Lake Sonoma Single Track

King Ridge Dirt Supreme

May 6th, 2017

KR but with 2 dirt descents and 2 dirt climbs. Love it! (Road/Cross)

  • 83 miles
  • 8,900 ft

A portion of the proceeds will go to Ross Dillon, Matt Wilson Memorial Scholarship and the El Molino Mtb Team.

Hopper Candy (Videos!)

Late Summer and early Fall are strange for me here in Northern California. The “end” of Summer means going back to work (doing my “real” job of teaching high school Spanish). It also means I’m ready for a break from working on my house. This was my 13th Summer project. Our 1914 farmhouse sloped 2 inches in every direction from the center to the sides of each room. I had to “shim” it up and put in another 3/4″ subfloor and then Cali bamboo. Sometimes going to work seems like getting time off. Weird. The change in season also means I go back to commuting to work. As much as I love to shred the dirt in Occidental, Tam, Annadel or far away places, and ride our crazy Sonoma County back roads, there’s something innately satisfying about using my bike for transportation. My first mtb., a Specialized Stumpjumper, was my commuter, explorer and weekend mtb fun bike at Humboldt State from 88-92. It’s on these early morning commutes and rides home that my Grasshopper gears start turning. We’ve got a great series of adventures planned for you and hope to open Reg on Nov. 1st. In the meanwhile, here’s a few videos to get the juices flowing.




Hunt 4 from Deux North on Vimeo.

2009 Old Caz Grasshopper Pt. 1 from Geoff Kabush on Vimeo.

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