Super Sweetwater

If you think it’s time to hang up your cross bike, think again. The next Hopper will kindle you adventuresome spirit and tie together a series of rides you have probably never done…at least not on the same day. Sweetwater, Old Caz and Willow Creek. Three major sections of dirt and some pretty gnarly roads. I road it last year on my Specialized Tarmac with 23c tires. Think I’ll ride the Roubaix this year with 25s or even 28cc and be careful on the Old Caz descent. It’s a gamble I’m willing to take. Want to let it all hang out on Old Caz? dial in your cross bike with some semi-slicks and bring it! Don’t forget to stop by NorCal and tell them you’re coming out to the Hopper and they can hook you up with the right tires and gear.

The flats along the creek of Sweetwater are reverting to gravel and dirt and the climb is as wicked-steep as ever.

As always there is a gate at the top of Old Caz and one part way down that was added last year. You are not trespassing. This is a county road that has been closed. Maybe Sonoma Mountain will look like this in a couple of years. The road is in good shape and has worn into a nice single track. What did you expect, it’s a Hopper. Oh yeah, and there’s still water in Austin Creek so be prepared.

Don’t forget…we’ll be starting in Monte Rio this time. This means a playground for the kiddies and swimming in the Russian River afterward. I hear there’s even going to be an ice cream social. Stay tuned for last minute details later this week.

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2 Responses to Super Sweetwater

  1. surfvivor says:

    Did a solo vision quest this last wednesday with the 1/2 way point being Willow Cr. on the road bike. Heavy equipment has been up there clearing debris and grading some sections of the climb. Be aware of your line into some of the deep gravel sections prior to Pomo.

  2. sircracksalot says:

    With all these hard routes these days, thought a high altidude training block in Estes Park would be in order. Rode up to 12,500 a few times on roads that were carved out of the snow (think Giro with snow walls 20 feet high). The alpine descents at max speed were inspiring, except for herds of elk/big horn sheep around blind corners. Sweet water/old caz/willow creek should be fun. Now I just need to set up a sweet rope swing down at the Monte Rio beach

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