Supersweetwater Results

Too tired for a ride recap but here’s the results.(I’ll get to that later this week) A few folks finished after we left. Sorry. Please send me your names and times if you know them. Cheers, Mig

Sweetwater Results

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6 Responses to Supersweetwater Results

  1. Dan Sovereign says:


    I think thats me in 32nd . Dan Sovereign

    Thank you

    • Paul McKenzie says:

      Dan, careful now, you might be known from here forward as “Sluren Dan.” I remember spelling my name out as instructed at the end. Probably means I didn’t go hard enough on Willow Creek. Damn funny…

  2. Arlin Case says:

    Hey – thanks for the great ride! I have names and times for a few of us that finished after you guys had left the top of willow creek. Who should I send them to?

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